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16.04.2020 Invitation to the ordinary shareholders’ meeting 2020 of Alpine Select Ltd., publication of the annual report 2019

Press Release

Zug, 16 April 2020

The ordinary shareholders’ meeting will take place on Wednesday, 20 May 2020, starting 11 a.m. at the Legends Club, Bossard Arena, General-Guisan-Strasse 4, Zug without the attendance of shareholders.


1. Annual report 2019
2. Appropriation of retained earnings
3. Discharge of the members of the board of directors and the management
4. Elections
5. Compensation of the members of the board of directors and of the management
6. Capital reduction through cancellation of the shares acquired as part of a share buyback program
7. Approval of a new share buyback program

Organizational notes

A – Business report

The business report 2019 (incl. the annual report, the annual accounts and the financial statements in accordance to Swiss GAAP FER, the compensation report as well as the reports of the auditors) is available for inspection at the Company’s registered office at Gotthardstrasse 31, 6300 Zug. Shareholders may also download the business report from the Company’s website at or order a printed copy via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the mailing address. Please note that the business report is only available in English.

B – Admission to the ordinary shareholders’ meeting

Shareholders who are registered in the share register up to and including 30 April 2020, 5 p.m. Swiss time are entitled to vote at the ordinary shareholders’ meeting.

Based on art. 6a Ordinance 2 on Measures to Combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19 Ordinance 2) of 13 March 2020, the Board of Directors of Alpine Select Ltd. decided that shareholders will not be able to attend the ordinary shareholders’ meeting and exercise their rights exclusively through the independent proxy (see art. 6a para. 1 lit. B COVID-19 Ordinance 2).

No entries will be made in the share register in the period from 30 April 2020, 5 p.m. to the end of the ordinary shareholders’ meeting.

C – Proxy

The form to authorize the independent proxy HütteLAW AG, Cham, and to issue instructions to exercise the voting rights will be sent to the shareholders with the invitation to the ordinary shareholders’ meeting. The proxy can be granted to the independent proxy by submitting the voting instructions online at or alternatively by noting it on the form, that needs to be legally signed and sent to either the representative or Alpine Select Ltd., c/o Computershare Ltd. The form must be received by Alpine Select Ltd., c/o Computershare Ltd. or the independent proxy by 18 May 2020 at the latest (date of receipt).

For further information, please contact Claudia Habermacher (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or visit our website.

About Alpine Select
Alpine Select Ltd is an investment company domiciled in Zug and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1998 (since 5 August 2019 in the Swiss Reporting Standard). The company offers its shareholders the key benefit of investing into a diversified alternative investment portfolio. Alpine Select maintains an active and constructive dialogue with management and board of directors of its portfolio companies in the best interest of its shareholders. Alpine Select does not charge any management or performance fees.