Dec-2013 Acquisition of Absolute Invest, an investment company with a diversified portfolio focusing on hedge funds with different strategies (equity long/short, event driven, macro CTA).
May-2013 Raymond J. Baer takes over from Thomas Amstutz as president to the Board of Directors.
May-2012 Daniel Sauter steps down as president to the Board of Directors and Thomas Amstutz is elected as new president.
May-2011 Following change in Swiss tax law, Alpine distributes dividend free of withholding tax for first time.
Nov-2005 Acquisition of Sumara AG (previously Aramus AG) a privately held investment company with an emphasis on the financial sector.
Sep-2004 Merger with Terra Trust Investment AG (mainly invested in the industry sectors such as renewable energies, waste management and health care services).
Jan-2003 Implementation of new investment policy.
Dec-2002 Investment Management Agreement with Citigroup is terminated.
Dec-2001 At an Extraordinary Meeting Daniel Sauter and Andrew Leasor are elected as new members to the Board. Daniel Sauter takes the chair.
Sep-1998 Listing of the company as an investment company on the Swiss Stock Exchange.
Sep-1997 Inception of the company, Alpine Select Ltd.

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